Bulldog Club of America

National Specialty Show


The Bulldog Club of America is composed of eight (8) regional divisions. The National Show Guidelines outline requirements for the annual event hosted by one of the divisions on a rotational basis.

Due to the overwhelming size of its entry, the BCA National Show is a week-long festivity planned between September 1 and December 1, each year. The National activity schedule can be obtained from the summer issue of The Bulldogger or on the National Specialty Website. 


2019 National Show Week Website:  Click Here

Special Event Competition Announcement for Nationals!  


2019 Top 20 Plus Qualifying Shows Click Here
2019 Top 20 Plus Rules

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Top 20 Plus


Included in the National Show Week is the annual Parent Club Judges Breed Seminar for prospective Judges. A Breed Education Seminar is available for Breeders and Owners. Foreign guests are identified and recognized with a Special Memento Badge. Everyone is encouraged to view the National Gallery of Winners and Hall of Fame. Reservations and prepayment for the National Banquet is advised.

Unless rotation for the National Show is changed by the Executive Committee, this function will be hosted by the following Divisions in the years specified:


2016 - Division V 
2017 - Division II 
2018 - Division VI
2019 - Division III
2020 - Division VII
2021 - Division IV 
2022 - Division VIII

2023 - Division V
2024 - Division I
2025 - Division VI

2026 - Division II
2027 - Division VII 
2028 - Division III
2029 - Division VIII
2030 - Division IV
2031 - Division I
2032 - Division V
2033 - Division II
2034 - Division VI
2035 - Division III


A  Map of the Divisions and the states included within each can be found HERE.