Bulldog Club of America

National Committees 2018 - 2019

Much of what is accomplished by the Club is done through the work and effort of our Club Committees. There are two types of Committees, Standing and Ad Hoc.  Standing Committees are established by the BCA Council; Ad Hoc Committees may be established by either the Council or the BCA President.  Chairpersons, unless specifically appointed by the Council, are appointed by the BCA President with the advice and consent of the Executive Committee.

Standing Committee Chairperson E-Mail Telephone
AKC Correspondent Amelia Averill E-Mail 201-666-8626
Archives Lyn Cocks E-Mail 314-838-2898
Audit & Finance Bob Cocks E-Mail 314-838-2898
Awards Nancy Rose Newcomb, D.V.M. E-Mail 580-225-3441
Breeder Referral Susan S. Rodenski E-Mail 540-775-3015
Bulldogger Editor Angela Ross E-Mail 832-628-1134
Communications & Publicity Annette Nobles E-Mail 478-396-9772
Education Michele Peres        E-Mail 620-496-2615
Election Rules & Procedures Robert L. Newcomb E-Mail 580-445-6565
Health Elizabeth Hugo-Milam E-Mail 405-620-3250
Historian Darlene Stuedemann E-Mail 563-242-6190
Information Technology Julian Prager E-Mail 215-679-3302
Judges Directory Marilyn Dundas E-Mail 941-575-0703
Judges' Education Robin Stansell E-Mail 919-931-5957
Legislative Ward McAfee E-Mail 817-629-4779
Long Range Planning Dennis Ehntholt E-Mail 937-479-4181
Membership Advisory Susan Rohringer E-Mail 951-818-7861
Membership Directory Elaine Andrew E-Mail 918-299-8687
National Gallery/Hall of Fame Carla Ehntholt E-Mail 713-823-6288
Nat'l Show Rules and Procedures Marilyn Dundas E-Mail 941-575-0703
Media/Communications Annette Nobles E-Mail 478-934-7416
Rescue Don Bryson E-mail 405-627-6050
Standard Operating Procedures Elaine Andrew E-Mail 918-299-8687
Webmaster Sherry Webb E-Mail 760-417-0968