Bulldog Club of America

Bulldog Club of Connecticut


President: Fred Haynes
Secretary: Diane Wallwork
21 Peters Road
Bozrah, CT 06334
Treasurer: Stephanie Stewart
Board of Directors: Anna Figueroa
Caroline Haynes
Sandy Montuori
Lynnsie Shea
Newsletter Editor: Anna Figueroa

The Bulldog Club of Connecticut was formed in 1949 and later established in 1952 when the AKC acknowledged it as a club. The first meetings were to discuss its formation and draw up a set of bylaws by the founding members.The club's founders lived primarily in the southeast section of Connecticut. The founding members were:

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Heath, North Haven, Mr. & Mrs. Hubert Dickerman, Hamden, Col. & Mrs. Edward I. Pratt, Westport, Mrs. Mabel Worthington, Milford, Miss Eleanor Hopcraft, Hamden, Miss Margaret Gussenhoven, Milford, Mr. & Mrs Alfred Phillips, Milford, Mr. David Logan, Stratford, Mrs. Ruth Olsen, West Haven, Mr. & Mrs. Rod Collins, Westport, Miss Sally Collins, Westport, Mr. Rod Collins Jr..Westport.

Past presidents from 1949-1974 were:

1949- 1951 Thomas Heath, 1951-1952 George W. Fowler, 1952-1953 Harold Lamarine, 1953-1955 Conrad Baker, 1955-1957 Thomas Heath, 1957-1958 William Pickett, 1958-1959 George W. Fowler, 1959-1961 Conrad Baker, 1961-1962 Stanley Squinobal, 1962-1963 Conrad Baker, 1963-1964 John Saunders, 1964-1968 Jane Lamarine, 1968-1970 William Browne, 1970-1972 Warren Burr, 1972-1973 James Dundas.

The club's first specialty show was held in 1952 and judged by George Beckett.

The winners were: Best of Breed - Ch. Palisades Butcher Girl of Wiggin owned by Robert Robson; Best of Opposite - Ch. Vancouver of Geribar owned by Geraldine & Horace Barnes;

Best of Winners; Winners Bitch - Carm-Lee’s Lady Marilyn owned by Carmen Exter:
Winners Dog - Pulcifer’s Liddle Widdle owned by Edward Pulcifer.