Bulldog Club of America

Bulldog Club of Lone Star

President: Bob Pittman
Vice President: Deidre Jack
Secretary: Rick Freeman
Board of Directors:
Ward McAfee
Vincenza Pittman
Natalie McAfee
Tracy Freeman


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A fitting and long-lasting tribute was paid to the Bulldog breed when the Lone Star Bulldog Club was organized in Dallas, Texas, on September 12, 1948.There were 11 Charter members. They were: Mr. and Mrs. Frank Alexander, Mr. and Mrs. Max Chenault, Mr. A. H. Falace, Mrs. Sadie M. Groves, Mr. J.L. Harvey, Mr. and Mrs. D.L Mitchell, Mr. F. K. Welch and Mr. E. S. Winfield.

The first president of the Lone Star club was Mr. F. K. Welch.

The founding of this club was helped along by many bulldoggers in the area including: Richard Maze, Hinds Poth, Gus and Margaret Fess, Eunice Greer, Nan Burke, Walter and Polly Pridgeon, Guy Mosely, and Jo and Harold Shiflet.

The club's Constitution and Bylaws were approved and adopted at a club meeting held on May 2, 1950. It was revised on December 9, 1979, and again on Aug.22, 1982. Articles of Incorporation were approved, and Charter Number 662513 was issued by the Secretary of State on July 5, 1983

The club's first AKC-sanctioned Match was held on December 31, 1949, with an entry of 55. The winner of Best in Match was Zorro Toro Paco, owned by Ed. S. Winfield.

The first AKC championship pointed show was held by the club on February 5, 1950. There were 36 entries. Best of Breed went to Ch. Wixey, owned by Maxmal Kennels, Reg. The judge for the club's first specialty show was Mr. Paul Maddox of Indiana.

In 1984 historian Margie Abdnor compiled a history for the club that has been very beneficial. It included the following list members awarded BULLDOGGER OF THE YEAR:

The were: Ed S. Winfield ( years not available); Ann Grubbs,1971,1975,1976,1978; Graham Grubbs, 1979; Lucille Inmon, 1977, 1982; Weldon Inmon, 1973, 1974; Bill andFrances Maynard, 1981, Patricia Bentley, 1980; and Dixie Little, 1983.