Bulldog Club of America

Bulldog Club of Texas

President: Wendell Tinsley
Vice President: Brett McDonough

Christy McDonough

3003 Founders Ct.

Missouri City, TX  77459

Treasurer: Rosemary Jenner
Board of Directors:

Bill Brock

Robert Kerr

Christy McDonough

Pat Tinsley

Alex Zuniga

Breed Advisor: Christy McDonough


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The Bulldog Club of Texas was founded in the Houston area.in 1947. This club has the distinction of being the first Bulldog club in the state of Texas, and was the first member club of the Bulldog Club of America in Division IV.]

There has been speculation about whether this club was actually the first Bulldog club recognized by the AKC in the state of Texas. To make certain, an inquiry and a search of the AKC archives confirms that this is correct.

Many Bulldog fanciers desired to promote the best interests of the breed in Texas. The club's Charter members include: Richard Mase, Hinds Poth, Ruth Barret, Mr. Jeffries, Mr. and Mrs. Jerome, Ertha Alexander, Ed Winfield, Captain Mitchell, Dub Del and Tex Neddleton.

The first president of the Club was Mr. Jeffries (first name is not known).

It should be noted that the Savages of California, both AKC-approved Bulldog judges, were also instrumental in helping this club get started.

The bylaws governing the club were approved by AKC on April 14, 1948. And the Bulldog Club of Texas began hosting AKC-sanctioned Matches on November 28, 1948. The judge for that match was Mr. Ed Winfield.

The club held its first Specialty Show on April 9, 1950. The Best of Breed winner of that show was was owned by Richard Maze and Hinds Poth of Mapo Kennels.

This club hosted the state's first National Specialty Show, and holds the honor for having the first three-day show in the history of the AKC.

The Bulldog Club of Texas acheived much of its growth under the guidance of many dedicated breeders and owners such as the Mapo Kennels, Dennis & Carla Entholt, Tina Byers, and Jim & Kathy Moss, to name just a few.

The club offers two specialty shows a year, and it has a very active Bulldog Rescue program in place that is known throughout the state of Texas.