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Want to connect with other people who love the Bulldog breed as much as you do?  We have plenty of opportunities to get involved in your local community thanks to our Breed Clubs located in every state and our BCARN Rescue Network that reaches across the country.



How to find a Bulldog Puppy?  Carefully choose your Breeder.

  The Bulldog Club of America’s (“BCA”) On-Line Breeder Referral Program is an opt-in member privilege created to assist potential Bulldog puppy owners in making contact with BCA members in good standing who agree to follow BCA’s Breeder Code of Ethics.  The BCA strongly recommends that all representations, promises, statements, warranties and guarantees made by either party be in writing and signed by both parties.  Links to breeders in different states can be found by clicking HERE.

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Wantagh, NY  -  Links to breeders in different states can be found by clicking HERE.

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Jodi Ball
Rascal Bulldogs

Phone Number: 631-926-3202

Puppies Occasionally
Adult Occasionally

Stud Services Available

Hall of Fame Breeder
AKC Breeder of Merit
Conducts Health Testing
Clubs: BCNJ, BC Phila., BCCT


Performance Bulldog Spotlight of the Month

What Bulldogs CAN Do! 


Update: Just got confirmation from the AKC that Turbo is only the 9th dog (of any breed) ever to achieve the Masters Scent Work title!!!

The scent work trial at the Greater Louisville Training Club in Lebanon Junction was nothing short of spectacular for Turbo! On Saturday he earned his masters buried element title despite 89 degree heat. That finished the requirements for his masters scent work title. He then went on to complete masters elite titles in containers and exterior elements and finished off Sunday with first places in all four elements to win HIGH IN TRIAL!!!! He really really loves scent work. Best game ever. 

hot bulldog


How National Breed Clubs Can Influence Local Laws


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BCA Statement on
Bulldog Health
Healthy Bulldogs


American Veterinary Medical Association Statement on Inherited Disorders in
Responsible Breeding of Companion Animals:

To maximize the health and welfare of companion animals, the AVMA supports research in genetic and inherited disorders to better educate the profession and breeders on identifying and minimizing inherited disorders in companion animal breeding programs. 



Bulldogs, Heart Murmurs, and Pulmonic StenosisPulmonic Study