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  The Bulldog Club of America’s (“BCA”) On-Line Breeder Referral Program is an opt-in member privilege created to assist potential Bulldog puppy owners in making contact with BCA members in good standing who agree to follow BCA’s Breeder Code of Ethics.  The BCA strongly recommends that all representations, promises, statements, warranties and guarantees made by either party be in writing and signed by both parties.  Links to breeders in different states can be found by clicking HERE.

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Hanson -   Massachusetts    Links to breeders in different states can be found by clicking HERE.

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Sharon & Frank Pupek
Phone: 781-293-6716

Puppies Occasionally
Stud Services Available


Conducts Health Testing
AKC Breeder of Merit

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Club: New England, Long Island


2018 National Show Week Premium is Available!

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October 1, 2018



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October 1, 2018 
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**Top 20 Plus Qualifying Period now to be one year.  2019 begins September 1, 2018 - August 31, 2019**


Lulu CAN weave!!! Here’s a snippet of one of our runs this past weekend - Lulu breezing through the weaves! Some may ask,”what’s the big deal?” Well, Lulu HATES the weaves! Go girl - you got this!!!

Posted by Pat Bentz on Monday, August 27, 2018


How National Breed Clubs Can Influence Local Laws


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BCA Statement on
Bulldog Health
Healthy Bulldogs


American Veterinary Medical Association Statement on Inherited Disorders in
Responsible Breeding of Companion Animals:

To maximize the health and welfare of companion animals, the AVMA supports research in genetic and inherited disorders to better educate the profession and breeders on identifying and minimizing inherited disorders in companion animal breeding programs. 



Bulldogs, Heart Murmurs, and Pulmonic StenosisPulmonic Study